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Our Work

These are the things we are doing to save the trees and push the Hemp movement forward to a global renewable bio-economy, and there is a way to financially support Hempies™ before we are able to sell Hemp Bathroom tissue and other Hemp Paper Products, which makes you a Hemp Hero!



Start Up

The founders of Hempies™ have personally invested millions of their own dollars to bring hemp based paper products to the world. The sacrifice of time and money has been ongoing for over  decade. 


Organic Hemp Farm

A Hempies™ Founder invested and worked hands on at an Organic Hemp Farm in Freewater Oregon. It was there that he learned of the healing properties of CBD Oil.

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Organic Hemp Society

This is how you can help us continue to fund the Hempies™ startup while also helping OHS gift CBD oil to cancer sufferers, who are resource challenged. Just visit and if you feel the call, try a bottle. That enables OHS to continue gifting in the name of Hemp and healers everywhere, and puts a little money back into the Hempies™ Cause. Win win!

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